Rapidly Train to Mastery

Create role expectations and career paths that are clear and motivating for individuals to rapidly achieve role mastery.

Quick Start

Get setup quickly by importing template Skills and Career Paths for common roles.

Personalized Training

Avoid one-size-fits-all training by defining expectations per individual and tracking their progress.

No Yearly Feedbacks

Avoid generic feedbacks by having a system that regularly provides feedback on well-defined skill and role expectations.

Partner with Seniors

Enable managers to delegate assessments to senior team members or other managers and centrally track the results.

Multiple Device Data Taking

No More Generic
Yearly Reviews

Avoid slow yearly feedback cycles with regular assessments that can be initiated by both managers and individuals, and easily summarized into yearly reviews.

  • Replace painful yearly review write-ups with incremental assessments that can be summarized into a yearly review.

  • Prevent unjustified promotions or performance rating misalignments with data that is always up-to-date and accessible to key stakeholders.

  • Empower team members to track their own progress against role expectations, and proactively request support to address gaps.

  • Easily capture data on phone, tablet, or laptop, and share the results with all relevant stakeholders.

Personalized Skill Progression

Setup Teams for Success

Provide clear visibility on team capacity and competency to senior leaders, and prevent starting projects destined to fail.

  • Generate reports on team skills compositions, and individuals' skill mastery, to avoid setting teams up for failure.

  • Make it easy for team members to request support on their skill deficiencies from any expert in the company.

  • Avoid project management solutions (e.g. SCRUM, BI) for skill composition problems. No amount of project management can fix a skill composition issue.

  • Visualize the value of training with reports on skill development and acquisition, assessed by internal experts trusted by the company.

Career Paths

Believable Career Paths

Provide clarity on what success looks like for your team members, how to get there, and what it takes to get promoted.

  • Define roles with clear skill and delivery requirements, and thus enable team members to take part in their own training plans and success.

  • Avoid bias in performance ratings with a consistent set of role expectations, with regular assessments, visible to both managers and individuals.

  • Promote or initiate PIPs with confidence and data to back it up.

World-Class Templates

World-Class Starting Templates

Don’t know what a React developer needs to know? What about an AWS administrator? Use SkillSensei's library of pre-defined skills to get started, and lean on SkillSensei's experts for guidance and customization.

  • Have assurance in the relevance of your role expectations by importing from SkillSensei's skills sets, curated by industry experts

  • Engage with SkillSensei's experts to guide you in setting up skills and roles, including initial baseline skill assessments

  • Leverage SkillSensei's services to provide initial skills training, and smooth transition to internal experts for ongoing assessments

Clear Expectations with Clearer Assessments

Reduce training overhead and provide clear career role expectations when building high performing teams.